Monday, July 30, 2012

Oma's Winter Bonnet

Well, I have had a couple false starts with the Ravellenic Games, but I am making some progress on some projects that are unrelated.  This project does not count for the Games as I started it prior.  I am test knitting another Raveler's pattern.  The story is so sweet, as this is actually her Oma's pattern.  Her Oma has Alzheimer's and so she wrote down a lot of notes to remind her how to make the bonnet.  The current designer decided to take those notes and turn it into a bonafide pattern.  The pattern is not yet released.  I believe this is the "designer's" first attempt at writing a pattern, so there were a lot of questions that had to be asked before it was perfectly clear.  Nothing an intermediate and beyond knitter would need to ask, but a beginner who has just finished a couple projects including a hat might get tripped up over some of the details that were missing.  The pattern is written in 4 different sizes:  baby, toddler/child, small adult/teen, and adult woman.
I decided to test the "teen" size and love how it's coming out.  I have tried it on, and, alas, it fits, but is snug.  There goes my dreams of wearing this around my non-existent garden pretending to be a farm girl... And just to clarify, it's my fault for choosing the wrong size, not the pattern's fault.  I typically would choose a 20" hat to get some negative ease for a beanie.  I should have realized that a bonnet is not the same as a beanie.

I'll update with links once the pattern is ready.  :o)  Happy knitting and/or watching the Olympics!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening Ceremonies

I spent the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games at the Knitting Nest.  They are doing a KAL for the Color Affection Shawl for the Ravellenic Games.  There was a nice potluck dinner with TONS of delicious food.  I brought the drinks, so no pics of that.  Otherwise, I'd totally be toting my baking prowess.  ;o)  I got to meet some people from around the neighborhood.  I have heard from many of the knitters around town that there are three main LYS in Austin proper, and so I'm trying to get myself acquainted with them all.  :o)
My boyfriend won a doorprize.  He won a beautiful skein of Socks that Rock Mediumweight in the colorway:  Fire on the Mountain.  Oh, and a pattern too!  My made-one-garter-stitch-scarf-ever boyfriend.  The pattern has some cables on it.  He'd better get to learning how to purl and cable fast!!  ;o)
I did not cast on my Ravellenic Games project tonight because I couldn't print my pattern.  So, I worked on a coaster.  I'm using various fingering weight yarns in various colors.  Mine aren't quite as adorable as the designer's, but I still quite like them.  I'll get pics up when I have more done up.  Planning on casting on tomorrow for my Ravellenic project.  Can't wait!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ravelry - Going Out with Friends

Outfit 1:  I'd wear an outfit like this out to dinner with friends or on a date with my boyfriend.  I can see this outfit being worn clubbing also, with a little more dramatic make-up.  If I had found it, I would have accented using silver jewelry instead of gold, but the crocheted earrings and bracelet was too cute as a reference to Rav that I couldn't help it!

Outfit 2:  Boho chic with a cute headband accessorizing this outfit.  It's hard to see, but a ball of yarn with needles charm is clipped into the latticework on the dress.  Very discreet craftiness that makes this outfit super fun.  I would love wearing this to the farmer's market, going shopping, or to the movies!

Outfit 3:  While I like the look of this outfit, it's not one I would personally wear.  I think if I did wear it, I'd take it out to lunches with co-workers on non-work days or maybe pair it with a large brimmed sun hat and wear it to have tea outside!  This one was the most subtle of all the outfits, and so I chose earrings that are molded to look like a miniature knitted piece.  Super adorable!

Again, I am still playing around with this site, and this time tried to make my own collage.  I hope to find a good style that suits me, but I have not do any sort of visual graphics, really... so this is a work in progress.  I just hope you enjoy them for now as I work through the kinks!
Ravelry - Going out with friends

Rebecca Minkoff boho dress / LnA tank dress / Skunkfunk dress / Valentino peep toe shoes, $665 / Minnetonka fringe sandals / Steve Madden ankle wrap sandals / Shoulder bag, $660 / Colorblock handbag / Tiffany & Co. clutch handbag / Post earrings / Crochet jewelry / Crochet jewelry / Mimco fine sterling silver jewelry, $15 / Diesel sunglasses / Deepa Gurnani beaded hair accessory, $62

A Nod to Ravelry

This is the first of a set of outfits that I decided to try making based off of my favorite website:  Ravelry! Today's outfit is a casual outfit.

Those of you familiar with Ravelry and their color scheme will quickly recognize the use of colors with the shirt and pants.  You may even understand the nod to the Ravellenic Games with the bag (and that style bag being a great and simple project bag!)... I decided to tie it all together with comfy flats that are crocheted to complete the casual image painted here today.

For those of you not familiar with Ravelry, if you don't play with yarn or fiber in any way, I suppose this is just a fun casual outfit to enjoy then!  If you do play with yarn or fiber, please take a look at Ravelry for a whole new world of information and social networking with people who share your hobby!  :o)

Just so everyone knows, this is my first polyvore experiment, so I tried one of their templates.  I plan on working on it more, but really wanted to get started and see how it worked in the first place.  So, sorry for the "Weekend Getaway" that I could not alter.  But, hey, it kinda works.  Ravellenic Games start this weekend!  Good luck with all your projects crafty folks!!
A Nod to Ravelry

Sleeveless top / Skinny fit jeans, $85 / TOMS flat, $70 / Radley shopper handbag, $14

Polyvore/Fashion Posts

Note:  this post is kinda boring.  Sorry!  This is sorta a "heads up" for a few of my future posts, and some disclosure that I wanted to make.

I have been seeing a lot of use of Polyvore lately on other blogs.  Namely:  b for bel and Console to Closet.  (Both blogs that I commonly frequent, love!)  I decided to try it out and inspired by b for bel's social media inspired fashion, I went with a nod to my favorite website:  Ravelry.

I have mixed feelings about using polyvore versus other methods, but for this non-web/graphic design oriented girl, it is much easier to use than finding images, cutting and pasting them into a program like Photoshop, then being sure to link to all of the sites to ensure I give credit to all.  I hope to be able to eventually do some of that sort of thing, but until then, I decided to go ahead and go with the easier option.

One of the reasons I have hesitations is because these are fashion pieces that are not modeled or if they are modeled are displayed with true models wearing them, not real people.  The other is that designer wear can certainly be expensive, and I would love to do outfits that are reasonably priced.  These are the two biggest reasons that I plan to also do other types of fashion posts.  For every "theme" I do, I will include a "modeled" post.  My "Ravelry Theme" is going to be my inspiration for the rest of this week.  So, I plan on finding clothes in my own wardrobe and show you how Ravelry can be interpreted in real life also.  The last thing that I hope to do is a "Thrift Store/Bargain Store" post every once in awhile.  These posts will try to help those of you on a budget figure out how to be inspired if you don't have the right clothes in your closet right this second!

And for sake of full clarification, the links are for me to feel that I am crediting the correct person for anything I may find.  This is my personal blog, not a blog for profit in any way.  So, whether they be links to purchase something (like the polyvore links for the clothes and accessories) or links to other people's websites for patterns, other blogs, etc... I have no personal affiliation with them, unless I say otherwise.  My intent is to explore new crafts, introduce people to things they may not have seen before, and share things that I find interesting with you.  I hope that you do enjoy these things, because I can't wait to create more themed outfits, "show off" my knitting/spinning/crochet projects, and share cool new things!  Thanks for making to the end of this looong post!  :o)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chrysanthemum Baby Headband (For Adults too!)

Tested this beautiful headband for someone on Ravelry.  I think it came out super cute!  Took the pics while moving, so not the greatest, so there's your warning.  At least the headband looks amazing!  I think it works great in variegated, but also in solids.  I chose to not use decorations, but it'd look super adorable with a flower or other decorative piece as she has it demonstrated on her page.

YES!  Another project completed!!  Now, to make some headway into this sweater I'm testing and this shawl I had hoped would be designed by now and ready for testing.  Hmmm... unpacking sure does eat into your time, doesn't it?  Well, better get back to it then!!  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 2

Day two started out a little later than we originally expected.  I guess we really should have expected to have been that tired, but it still surprised both of us.  Also, MAN those black out curtains with sound reduction they have at motels really work well, don't they??  I could not tell what time it was at all when we were rudely awoken by a phone alarm.  I guess if you don't check out by 9:30am, this place gives you a ring to make sure you're awake?  No one answered the phone when I groggily picked it up, so that's what I assume, at least.
 Call me weird, but I had never seen a real water tower until I moved to Georgia (about 8 months ago).  And then out here, they are apparently not only shaped differently, but have school mascots painted on them!!  I've seen more of them for different mascots all over!  I have asked B so many times what they are, and every time he looks, blinks, and says "a water tower..."  I guess I've asked a lot.
 Yay, the end is near!!!  Driving with a purpose is tiiiiring!!
 Yes, we have to go up steps to get to our place.  I don't mind now.  I did then.  >.<  Up and down the stairs with so many boxes.
Our front door!  Yay, Bomb, we're home!!  

First Day - Part 2!

Is that me driving?  Why yes it is!!!  I took command of the Freightliner just before the Mississippi/Louisiana border.  That sucker is a lot of fun to drive.  Which, if you know me at all, is a weird statement for me to say.  But it sure was zippy even carrying that whole load!
 More scenic swampy views.
 Aw, yeah!  Lousiana!!  Woot woot!!
 To prove that the last pic was us crossing into Louisiana, we had to take this pic too.  ;o)
 And, as promised.
 We crossed the Mississippi river while cutting through Louisiana!  River, river!!
 Just made it before the sun set.  :o)
 This was the distant view of an oil refinery just across the Texas border.  Unfortunately, it was dark by the time we reached the border, so none of our pics came out.
Didn't stop us from trying though!!  Entering Texas sign!  We drove until we reached the other side of Houston, then decided to crash for the night.  It was 2am, and we had about 2 more hours of driving left.  Exhaustion had set in, and a motel sounded way nicer than a cold wood floor with no blankets.  And, thus, ended the first day of our trip.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The First Day - Part 1

And we are back to the road.  We woke up at a decent hour (about 7am), and had some breakfast, then went to the tagging office so we could officially tag and register the van.  That came with some complications, such as having physical proof that we had insurance on the vehicle.  Well, of course, that had not come in the mail yet... >.<  So we had to call the insurance company and have them fax it over, which took awhile.  We didn't get back to say "Bye" to B's parent's until about 9am.  Seriously.  Then, of course, as we are heading out, I managed to lose my phone.  Somewhere.  Turns out, in B's mom's car.  Yeah, I'm that good.  Then, of course, B's best friend calls and asks if he wanted to swing by and grab something that B had left there.  Yeah.  We are leaving... seriously...
 See!  We are off!  
 Next thing we knew, we had already passed the Alabama state line!  It actually took about 2.5 hrs after leaving Athens to hit the state line, we were making pretty good time though!
 We stopped in a restaurant of sorts to have lunch since we had gotten such a late start.  John Wayne watched me eat the whole time.  The restaurant was pretty good, but definitely Southern style cooking.  Delicious but heavy.  Oof!
 Cool, small river!
 Oh man, a bridge is coming up!
 Almost there!
 And we're through to Mississippi!  The one thing of note here is that we crossed into Mississippi so far south in the state that the Mississippi river is actually in Louisiana!  
 I could NOT believe the gas price here!!  Regular was $2.89??  I ended up filling up my car even though we were towing it.  >.<  I couldn't resist!!!
 Well, there may not have been the actual Mississippi river, but there were tons of swamp lands around because of the delta throughout the area of Mississippi we drove through.  It was pretty fun to look at.
 I tried really hard to get B to exit here.  I wanted to know what wools they were selling!  We totally had more room in the van for wool!!!  But, alas, no Woolmarket for us.
Still have a ways to go.  We are almost through Mississippi, and into Louisiana.  But for this moment, I am going to leave here.  Next post will finish up the rest of the long day we had on the first part of the drive.  :o)

Monday, July 16, 2012


I am a fruity type of person.  I eat fresh fruit throughout the year, and if I go a day or two without some, I start to go into withdrawal.  I know the general time of year when I'm going to find what sort of fruits on sale and actively go searching for those fruits.  I love almost all fruits, summer pitted fruits being one of the best times of the entire year... Which is going to bring me to my next point.
CHERRIES!  I love love love cherries.  When cherries are in season, I will eat pounds and pounds of cherries over the course of the month or so when cherries are ripe.  I love nectarines, peaches, plums, pluots, apricots, etc etc... but I cannot get enough cherries.  My favorite ice cream is Black Cherry, my new favorite yogurt is cherry Liberte... Which is oddly not found on their website, so I am hoping it's not just a seasonal flavor!!!

So, what about you?  Like or dislike cherries?  What are your favorite fruits?  :o)

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Road Trip - The Beginning!

Hi Everyone!  I'd like to introduce one of my road trip buddies!  This is Bomb Bonsai!  He loves to photo bomb my shots, so most of my road trip shots ended up having him in it.  Luckily, he's flipping adorable, so I don't really mind.  ;o)
This was the beginning of our adventure.  We packed up the house here in Athens, GA.  If you look really closely, you can see my other road trip companion standing just inside the door.  (That's, uh, kinda creepy...)
 It was hard to say "bye" to the old home, while we only lived there for 8 months, it had become a comfortable place to be.  It was nice living in a real house.  Especially one that was in walking distance to a super cool food co-op, a great yogurt shop, and our favorite restaurant in Athens!  
 Our "moving" van.  A Sprinter Freightliner!  We went out on a limb and decided to buy a used-but-in-great-condition work van and have it tow my car.  Welcome to the family Freightliner!  (Though, probably temporary.  While it has been great for us, got ALL of our stuff here AND has been indispensable in getting us cheap craigslist furniture... we really don't need this large a vehicle on a regular basis.)
 Like I said, it fit ALL of our stuff.  I cannot tell you how much B and I like this vehicle.  It even has a ridiculous turning radius and hauls as if it weighs nothing!  It accelerates faster than my Honda Civic Hybrid! It's been really hard to finalize this decision to sell it...  
Here we are!  My car loaded up in tow behind the van.  We're parked in front of B's parent's house.  We spent the night there prior to the long drive.  And this is where I will leave you for today.  Tomorrow I'll show you day 1 of the Road Trip!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New City!

Austin has welcomed us with... well, heat and thunderstorms!  But as I am unpacking and unwinding from the stress of the move, I have been browsing other blogs.  I promise to upload some pics I took on the drive here, and eventually, of our new home here and our surroundings... but until then, please look at this fantastically simple way of jazzing up an old pair of shorts!