Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting ready!

The cowl kits have been shipped, and the final draft of the pattern is being worked up right now.  :oD  The patterns will be sent to anyone who purchased kits on Saturday.  For those of you who want the pattern separately, they will be found for individual sale on Ravelry on Saturday also!  I'll post links for them once they are up.  :o)

In other news, I started a real job this week.  This has slowed my crafting down a lot.  But I do have some WIP, and I'm hoping to get some pics of those up with the next post also.  Until next time...

Monday, September 12, 2011

The kits are up!!

Well, my dyer turns out to be awesome and we are able to release the kits on time, after all.  The kits are available here until 9/18.  The kits will be sent to you on 9/26.  This will allow them to get to you in October.  :o)  The kits do come in 3 different colorways and are done in a nice merino/silk blend.  As mentioned before, the kits are $30 each, with discounts on multiple kits.  Every kit purchased puts you in a drawing for awesome prizes!

Just so it is clear, while my supplier is mailing everything in the physical kits, the pattern will be emailed to you in pdf format by me to the email associated with your paypal address.  I will be releasing the pattern Oct 1.  Thanks!!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Hi All,

Well, my dyer is right out where the hurricane hit.  And so I think the dying of yarns and whatnot may be pushed back a bit.  And really, I'd prefer to give her plenty of time to regroup than push the cowl-along to go ontime.  It may still work out.  She was (prior to hurricane), thinking she would be posting the listings of the kits this past weekend, and then have a closing date of 09/10/11 to ensure that she had plenty of time to finish them up and get them shipped out by 09/20/11 so that we can have a start date of 10/1.  I haven't heard from her in a couple days, so I am assuming she is either without power or busy with other things.  The cowl-along will be continuing, but potentially with a pushed back start date.  Thank you for being understanding.  :o)

Here's hoping all the best and a quick recovery to those affected.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yet another cowl update...

How about some views of sample button sets and potential stitch markers... Yes, some of the sets of buttons do not match due to the vintage nature of the buttons.  :o)

<3 picking out sets for these kits!  It's so much fun.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cowl Along Update

So, it looks like merino/cashmere/silk is out (supplier couldn't get it until January), but it looks like we can use a merino/cashmere/nylon instead!  Sounds almost as luscious, and guarantees a set price of $25 for the kit ($30 including shipping, I believe Bohemia Fibers will be charging $30 with no added charge for shipping, but that cost will be $25 for the kit, and $5 shipping and handling)!  Once again, the kits will include:  2- 50 g skeins of yarn, a set of vintage buttons (of various colors), stitch markers (made by me), and the pattern.  I finished a knitted version of the cowl:
This is the small version of the cowl.  You may note a bit of curl.  This is part of the design element.  It adds a bit of extra wave to the wavy pattern.  Blocking will help keep it from going too overboard with the curl.  However, for those of you who will absolutely hate the idea, I will include simple instructions on how to alter the pattern to be entirely in garter (but still have that wave/chevron appearance).  This will change the appearance of the cowl, but keep the ends from curling as much.  My true pattern will not be in garter, it will be as viewed above.  I just wanted to let people know that there will be that option.  :o)  

My supplier is trying to get a final headcount, so please let me know in some manner if you are interested!  I currently have about 10 people committed, and would like to give out 3 prizes!  That means great chances for these people... I'd love for more people to commit so that it's a little more exciting.  It'd also be a bit more fun and games for everyone if we got more people involved.  :o)  Thanks for checking this out!

You can contact me by either leaving a comment here, or emailing me at norichanknits at gmail dot com (substitute the words with symbols).  Thank you very much!!  :oD

ETA:  Looks like my dyer has found her inspiration for the colors:
For her fall/autumn colors:
And the ocean colors:
Beautiful, no?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cowl-Along anyone?

In the month of October, a design of mine will be used for a KAL/CAL!  I am teaming up with Bohemia Fibers for a fun Cowl-Along.  She will be dying up 2-50g skein sets in coordinating colors to go with my cowl design.  The color themes she has right now are:  Fall Colors, Sea Themed, and Bohemia Wild and Crazy Colors.  The cowl is pictured below to show what it will be like.  The cowl will come in 2 sizes in both a knit version and a crochet version.  The cowl is buttoned closed, and the edging will come with 3 different instructions (maybe 4!) to give you the option to fully customize it.  The edging options will include:  ruffles, picot (with instructions on how to add beads with this option), and plain (best if you love your buttons and really want the buttons to stand out).  While it may be hard to see, the cowl does have a slight gradation in size, smaller at the top and slowly flaring out at the base.

The full kit:  The kits will contain the 2-50g skein sets, stitch markers, vintage buttons (the button sets will vary), and, of course, the pattern.  Right now we are investigating the possibility of doing a cashmere silk yarn!  The kits will be $25 (unless the yarn makes this price difficult, I am waiting to hear from my dyer about this.)

Here is the large sized cowl in crochet form with a ruffle edging work.
An alternate way of wearing the cowl.
The small crocheted cowl with a plain edge.
To show you the difference in the two cowl sizes.  If you couldn't tell while being modeled, they are drastically different sizes.  The larger one is meant to be more of a drapey and scrunchy cowl, while the smaller one has less bulk so it's easier to wear with a coat on and is more cozy.
I have not finished a knitted version of the cowl yet, but here is a swatch to show you what it will somewhat look like.

Amy of Bohemia Fibers would like to get a rough estimate of the number of people joining the KAL/CAL so she can get an idea of how much yarn she will need to order.  I would like to make this easy on her because we both hate the idea of ordering too little and people being left out, but ordering too much is definitely difficult... especially if we do decide on the cashmere/silk yarn.  So, if you could either message me here or on ravelry (Rav: norichan), that would be greatly appreciated.  If you are on Ravelry, feel free to join our discussion here!  You will not need a ravelry account to purchase a kit.  Kits will not need to be purchased yet, just need an idea if you'd like to participate.  Thanks!

Oh!  And before I forget... Yes!  There will be prizes!  Handspun yarn, free patterns, chocolate, and more are all possibilities for prizes!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recent Published Patterns

I'd like to introduce you to some patterns I wrote and published on Ravelry!

First is my newest pattern designed for Sock Summit 2011.  This was designed in Stitch Jones Titanium Sock with inspiration from the worlds biggest sock knitting convention and by Portland, OR.  It would seem that Portlandia has made the idea that Portland just likes to "put a bird on it" and call it art.  Well, Portland also hosts Sock Summit, and so why can't we "put a sock on it" and call it a Sockie Sock (ravelry link)?  The sock is designed on a tight gauge for consideration of how it will wear, and also to help the stitch pattern really pop.  My test knitter told me that they are her best fitting pair of socks she's ever made!  These socks would be fine for an intermediate knitter, and I'd say would be easy enough for a beginner sock knitter.
The second pattern here to show you is one I designed a few years ago, and has been up on Ravelry before.  It was previously published on, but unfortunately, that website has been removed.  Therefore, I revamped the pattern, and it is now available on Ravelry in pdf format.  Here is Bubbles Scarf:
Both of these patterns can also be found on etsy.  :o)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spinning fun

I had such fun spinning up these beautiful two rovings by Bohemia Fibers!  Here are some progression photos:
The rovings:  Nauset Beach on the left and Boardwalk on the right.  Corriedale wool, both.
The singles!
Ready to ply on my pretty Little Grace Special...
Soaking to set it.
The final yarn!  I love it!

A friend loved it too!  So much that she decided she had to buy it off me.  :oD  Her plans are to make a Clapotis out of the yarn.  How pretty is that going to be??

And, yes, I do sell handspun yarn.  I take custom orders and will soon be selling premade handspun shortly!  Message me for more info.  :o)

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hi!  Welcome to my new blog which will be exclusively used just for my knitting, spinning, and designing purposes.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am going to enjoy posting pics of my most recent projects!  :oD